Ottawa Counselling Services

Ottawa Counselling Services, Counselling Ottawa

Counselling can be helpful for addressing many troubling symptoms and issues. We all experience seasons in our lives that present more challenge and difficulty than others. Where we might find the ways we have managed in the past are not as effective as they once were.

Counselling assumes that people generally have adaptive needs and desires and a natural drive towards healing and growth. It is also assumed that under normal circumstances individuals have many emotional resources available to them. Stress, abuse and trauma often make these resources unavailable. Counselling can help overcome the effects of overwhelming life circumstances and old emotional wounds, enabling you to better access the resources that you already possess.

In individual counselling we can address issues and symptoms that are holding you back from engaging fully and enjoying your life, regardless of whether these are longstanding difficulties or something based around a difficult or transitional season in your life. Counselling will only last as long as necessary to connect you with your sense of personal power and control. In some cases this can be achieved effectively in only a few sessions, in others it is more long-term.

Some of the areas counselling services can address:

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