Christian Counselling

Christian Counselling Ottawa

Christian counselling provides for the integration of a person’s spirituality into the counselling process. Christian counselling uses accepted psychotherapeutic techniques combined with aspects of faith, spirituality or scripture as chosen by the client, what one person considers helpful, another may not. Christian counselling is inherently accepting and non-judgmental and allows for a highly personalized approach tailored to the needs of each client and consistent with their religious beliefs.

Like conventional psychotherapy, Christian counselling can deal with symptoms of mental and emotional distress, identifying and treating the underlying causes of the disturbance. Generally speaking, regular psychotherapy often does not include aspects of faith or spirituality and it may view those with strong religious or spiritual beliefs as being deluded or lacking in psychological health or maturity. However, a person’s faith can act as a valuable resource during the counselling process. A relationship with the Divine can provide an important source of comfort that may be otherwise missing from the individual’s life. A person's faith will often inform their goals for therapy and how they conceptualize their path towards greater mental or relational health as it is intimately connected to their values, morals and societal associations.

If you have a particular issue of faith you’d like to explore or you’re ready to deal with longstanding issues and move in a new direction in your life, and you’d like to integrate your faith into the process, I’d be pleased to speak with you to answer any questions you may have. Contact me